To apply for IIFON membership and to connect to the exchange, all prospective members are required to follow the steps below:

1. Send an Email request to with the following details.

  • Name of the Organization
  • Type of Organization – Academic Network/ Research Lab / ISP / Enterprise / Others
  • Website URL
  • Contact person Name & Phone Number
  • IIFON staff will acknowledge receipt of the Email application and will connect on Phone Number shared.

2. Once the phone call has been completed to satisfaction, IIFON will send an Application Form to be filled up. It needs to be filled up and submitted along with the documents establishing the identity of the organization. The documents are listed in Application Form.

3. Once the application is approved, you must sign the IIFON agreement and pay fees for installation of any ports ordered.

4. Upon receipt of payment of the fees for installation of any ports ordered and receipt of signed agreement, IIFON staff will schedule your connection as follows:

  • Set up user accounts including access to the IIFON member website.
  • Subscribe the relevant contacts from your company to IIFON mailing lists.
  • Assist with configuration of your new port’s ip addresses.
  • You will then receive your IIFON induction pack, Membership Certificate & merchandise.