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Guidelines & Policy

IIFON IXP is a Neutral Internet Exchange Point for Internet Service Providers

Nodes Location

IIFON IX is available & being planned at the following locations: Kolkata,Guwahati, Mumbai

Welcome to IIfon IXP!

The term “Internet Exchange Point” (IXP or IX) is often used interchangeably with ‘Exchange Point’ (EP), “Internet Peering Point” (IPP), and “Network Access Point” (NAP). While there are no formally agreed definitions for these different terms, the most commonly used are IXP, IX or ‘peering point’. NAP is an older term, originally used for the original four exchange points in the US which provided access to the Internet backbone operated by the National Science Foundation (NSFNET), prior to the global development of the Internet.

Internet Exchange Points are a vital part of Internet Ecosystem. Without them, the Internet would not function efficiently because the different networks that make up the Internet would need to directly interconnect with every other network in order to be able to exchange.